control loop points?

Is there a tool that will allow me to contol loop points of a sample? I want to use this for glitchy sounds and snare rushes.

accuracy on this good enough to get renoise to perform wavetable synthesis? working on it but can’t quite get there… only 128 values with midi is making this kinda complicated, maybe some really smart person could explain how to make a custom wavetable (with filler silences as a hack?) that just happened to start and stop on some of these 128 possible points?

anyway, i hope this sort of thing gets worked out as a part of xrni someday.

I think creating a table with loop-sets (you define several loop start and end positions and call them using pads) would do more magic here, and use another fader or rotator controller to shift each loopsets 64 positions back and forth (allowing to set the amount of samples to skip per shift so you can shift loopsets in small or big steps)
Sounds definitely like a feature for Duplex btw.

Sounds awesome. Is this something you can do in renoise?

Anyway, i quit being stubborn about the wavetable length and just cut it down to 16 waveforms to trivialize the math. After doing this i’m not so sure this was really a part of my problem. I’ve noticed when using an lfo to control the midi device it get unexpected results. For instance, when the lfo is at 25% a midi value of 32 is created but at 75% i get a value of 95. I’m not sure what’s happening with that.

1270.25 = 31.75 (round up to 32)
0.75 = 95.25 (round down to 95.)

Where’s the problems with that?

Remember MIDI counts from 0, not from 1. For the value you seem to want you might be better discarding the fraction (rather than rounding up when over x.5) and then adding 1 to the result… But are you sure those really are the value you want? This will give an impossible 128 at the top end.

:blush: yeah, i was doing it like that the other day and that’s where i started thinking 128 values was maybe not going to always place the loop points accurately enough. i don’t know why i started thinking 128*.25-1 yesterday. i feel kinda dumb now, but thanks for straightening me back out.

edit: ok, mostly working now. kRAkEn/gORe’s stepper helped immensely by keeping the lfo output quantized correctly. now i don’t have to deal with that and can just manipulate the lfo however i want to.

I don’t see why there can’t be a tool created for it. It requires some work and investigation.
But because the idea that lives in my head is so much crossing Duplex its current midi control area, i think it would be quicker generated in Duplex, using its internal template definition engine than to reinvent the wheel (again).

I’m sure you’re right, vV. But, i’ve never even opened up Duplex. Only have a vague idea of what it is. So, I guess i will look into it. In the meantime, i realized that midi pitchbend sends way more values than regular controls. Setting both controllers to work this way helped a lot. I’m about out of free time this weekend though, so… probz no more renoise for a few days :( .

(or thread highjacking.)

Thanks to both you guys for the help!