Control multiple midi out parts from 1 plugin

Please please , so we can control multiple midi out parts from one vst plugin

Isn’t it possible with the alias devices?

maybe use midi loopback - let one instrument send on a specific channel into thru port (or other loopback), then multiple midi instruments listen to the thru port to that channel, each sending with another channel to midi out…

Isn’t it possible with the alias devices?


ALiases are there to control the multiple parts of a multimbral vst , and that,s not what I mean

I want to control multiple vst instruments from just one plugin ( which has multiple midi outs )

I have asked this a couple of years back , when internal midi routing was just implemented , and this a renoise specific issue only

Yeah, this is a very old issue. Or rather, the “support for midi generators” wasn’t properly implemented. It only supports one channel out.

I’ve requested the same thing. It also makes the Rapid Composer vst unusable with Renoise, for example.

I don’t get why it hasn’t been fixed. It shouldn’t really be that difficult to forward and filter the midi channel.