Control Renoise With Midi-cc

did search through the forum for any similar requests but
didnt find any (maybe this is implemented in some way that i dont know of? :) )

would it be possible to assign functions in renoise to midi-cc
alongside the keyboard-shortcuts? muting tracks and such
with a midicontroller would be awesome in a livesituation…


e.g. you want to mute a track using the MIDICCDevice?
I’m not sure if I understood you right.
But the easiest way to mute a track is 0C00 .
On the Amiga it was the note volume, in Renoise the whole track will be affected.
edit: or if you want to mute a track with all its dsp’s (e.g. delay/reverb), you can add a ‘gainer’ at the end of the track which you turn down then.
But I’m not sure if Renoise stops calculating the sound on that track then.
But well, if you’re in a life-situation, you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Triggering the ‘record mode’ with a command from the sequencer would be nice, for example. Right now I can’t think of a keyboard shortcut which would be nice to be controlled by something like MIDICCDevice.

However, I’m not sure if I understood you the right way, so sorry if I couldn’t answer your question.

i dont want to use the midiccdevice to do this, no :)

for example, i have a mixer which sends midi-cc on all buttons and faders,
if renoise could assign a function like mute-track-10 to a midi-controller-code i could mute the tracks in renoise with my mute-buttons on the mixer… my mixer has got buttons for play/stop as well… ;)

(in a live-situation its nice to have all functions in renoise assigned to physical buttons as its much faster to use… i really would enjoy your live-sets with real-time 0cXX effects-edit-on-the-fly :rolleyes: )

Ah, now I understand! Is it the 01v ? :)

Okay, there is the MIDI remote Mapper in Renoise. It’s the button with the DIN-connection in the upper right corner of Renoise.
Play/stop/rec would be nice to have somewhen (Though I haven’t got such a cool mixer at all or anything else to controll Renoise like that).
But the mute thing would probably work, if you map the mute button to the Gainer DSP somehow. But maybe you already checked it and had no success… :)


Right now in version 1.281 or 1.5alpha3 as far as i have found out, it’s not possible to map the mute button in the track dsp.

What might work (haven’t tried it since i dont have any button/switch type controllers, only rotary ones), is to try to map the mute button on your external mixer to the track volume parameter in renoise.

Thus, muting it will set the volume value to 0 and unmuting it to max volume (or another value depending on remote param settings).

If the opposite happens (eg. mute==max instead of 0) then set the invert toggle in the Remote Midi Parameter window.

Another more elegant option would be to use a vst effect which has a mute button in it, and map that one to your external mixer mute button.

(Note: If anyone finds a simple vst effect that has a mute button, or even better: a muter vst effect :wink: then please reply!)