Controlling Disk Browser with MIDI controller

Simple question - is it possible? I couldnt find any way to map midi to disk browser…

In my case I am hoping to connect the disk browser to the “rotary” controls (and possibly others) on QuNeo to allow building kits without leaving the 'Neo

106 views so I am not the only one interested - but no replies? Is this not possible at all? Possibly via scripting?

You could have tried a search in the Midi mapping area (ctrl-m then expand available and active mappings)

Of course, drfish means the actual disk browser. File up/down. Directory, up/down. That kinda stuff. Renoise could really beat (well no probably not) Maschine with typically this kind of stuff in MIDI commands (or API for that matter).

I have the same desire. I will try to create a duplex application for that, however i am not sure how to implement the pre-hearing and loading xrni files.

No need - the Duplex app “MidiActions” should be able to route almost any existing midi mapping to your controller. However…

Prehearing and selecting files aren’t supported via the API as of Renoise 2.8.1, I’m afraid.

What i’d like is to select instrument using program change commands from my midi controller.

That is definitely scriptable

There are hotkeys for the file browser, but no midi mappings afaik. However in Linux one can trigger keyboard buttons with xvkbd. But i would love browsing the file list with a midi knob though.

I did indeed try a search, found what you point out here, and it is not what I was asking for. CAS has it right, I was looking for the ability to actually browse around the file panes with midi commands. Hugely useful, and if not possible, strongly request for next version of renoise :)

If you want this just for samples, i don’t think it is impossible to write a tool for this, but the tool has to become the diskbrowser in that case as the diskbrowser itself cannot be controlled indeed.