Controlling Effects Via Midi?

So this is the problem. I own Reaktor, as well as the ensemble Finger which is a really awesome glitch effect. So I add Reaktor into an effect channel, and load Finger. Now here comes the problem: How do I send note data to control Finger?

I don’t have any VST installed, definitely no effects you can send notes to, but pretty sure this is something that has been possible for a while. Done a quick search of the Tutorials page and can’t find it but hopefully these pointers are at least in the right direction for you to find what you want.

I believe that once you add an Effect that can receive notes, or a VST that can be both a Effects and an Instrument, you will find that Effect listed in the Instruments section as an Alias. Once you load this you should be able to use this Instrument (Alias) to get the notes to the Effect.

Or something along those lines…

Well I must be pretty noob not to notice that. Thanks! :)