Controlling Filter Cutoff From Midi Keyboard

hi everyone!

I tried to search the online tutorials and the forums as well, but I didn’t find the answer for my question. I have a Roland PC-70 MIDI keyboard controller with a slider which can be assigned to any of the CC channels. I want to control the cutoff parameter of a bandpass filter DSP with that slider (to simulate a “wah-wah” effect). Is there a way to control a knob of a filter through a MIDI CC channel in Renoise?

thanks in advance!

search ReNoise documentation (PDF,4MB) for the word “midimapper”, and you find a complete answer about this topic

I think this will work out better, as the PDF doesn’t demonstrate this either…

Some images may be scaled upon the tutorials.
Also some of these animated GIF files are scaled.
If you click the image to enlarge it, you will get to see the animated image.

The only thing you don’t see in the below image after i clicked the slider is that i move the wheel i want to assign the slider to, that’s when the slider text becomes bold.

thanks, it works! I tried almost the same, but I clicked on the knob instead of the effect background…

demian: Hehe, I did the same mistake first. :)

The Midimapper is a great feature, it’s so easy to connect some sliders to a certain parameter. ;) However, how do I assign the same slider to more than one parameter? For example one slider could affect both the wet/dry-parameter and the room-size parameter on an reverb-effect, with different min-max-values et cetera. Whenever I try assign another parameter, the first ones looses its connection.

Also, I think I’ve discovered a bug. I have one “Song” where Renoise doesn’t respond to moving the slider after loading in the song, even though the mapping is there. I have to manually re-map it to make it work. When I save and load it again, the same problem occurs. The other assigned parameter/slider works fine though. Strange.

You can’t do that now. Improving the midimapper has been discussed before and this is surely one of the things that will be improved. But, as said before, what features to focus on to the next release hasn’t been decided yet.

Try to load the song a couple of times more. Do you still get the same error? Try to make a new song with the same error, if possible. Is there something in particular you do that can cause this error? Then I’d recommend you to send the song and info how to get the error to the renoise bug mail address.

All right. Sounds good. ;)

Yup, I tried to make a new ‘song’ with one sample and two dsp-effects connected to two parameters, and the second one “looses” connection whenever I load the song in again. I suspected it had something to do with the “inverse” option (which I used in one case) or that I first used midi-channel 2 on my synthesizer-controller, but after some testing I found out that this had nothing to do with my bug.

Sure, I can email the bug mail adress, but can anyone confirm this on their setup first?

Try this: Start Renoise. Load a sample in first slot. Add “Reverb” and “Distortion” in the Track DSP. Right click on the effect background to do the midimapping. Connect the first parameter of the Reverb, “room size”, to the first MIDI-controller and the first parameter of the Distortion, “drive”, to the second MIDI-controller. Now you can controll the “room size” and the “drive” with the two controllers (on my controller the id’s are Cha1/CC14 vs. Cha1/CC15). Save the song and then load it again.

Does the “drive”-parameter still respond to your second MIDI-controller? Mine don’t. Even though it’s “browned”, and looks correctly assigned when I check at the midimapper-screen.

I’m using the Renoise v 1.5 demo (Mar 20, 2005) with an M-Audio Delta 44 and an Emagic Unitor-8 MIDI-interface, by the way.

Hehe, can anyone confirm my bug on the above post, please? It’ll take less than 5 minutes to try it out. :slight_smile:

Bug confirmed in Renoise V1.5 RC2 full version.

Thanks Demian! I’ve now reported the bug to the bug mail.

I’m now running Renoise 1.5.1 beta 2, and the bug (assigned parameters to specific vst-devices doesn’t react after reload) is still there. As I’m a registered user now, could there be any benefits of reporting the bug again?

Sorry must have missed this topic. This is fixed for the next release.

and this brings up another question in me.
How to unmap a parameter ?