Controlling Instrument Automation with keyboard

Is it possible to use the computer keyboard to select and move the sliders in the Instrument Automation Effect?

I’d prefer scroll wheel control as an option but if I could change a plugin’s parameters keyboard only that’d be nice.

I’m just curious. How is this easier than using the mouse, or a MIDI-controller?
The instruemnt automation is there, for just the purpose of it’s name. Give automation capabilities of the instrument.

I’m using an Elgato stream deck so I am manually creating a user interface for myself on there controlling renoise through many pages of keyboard shortcuts mapped to lcd buttons. I can control almost everything through custom lcd buttons with a game controller like interface this way when I don’t want to use the keyboard or mouse and want to do complex things fast. So if parameters control is something the keyboard can control also that makes my streamdeck workflow better.

Parameters seem to be all I can’t control holding the streamdeck two handed and composing with my thumbs like a video game. I’d like to maximize what I can do.

It’s all about efficiency.

I mentioned instrument automation as that seems to be the closest thing to a native “show all plugin parameters” thing but I’ve since found a renoise tool that really shows them all