Controlling LFO speed via key tracking within instrument?

I can make it on the track level, but this is only monophonic… i was wondering if theres way to do the same thing within the instrument itself, so that the higher notes make the LFO speed faster.


This you mean?

7763 screen.gif

Yeah thats what i want to do, but in the modulation section rather than the FX section. Otherwise each note of the chord is the same LFO rate. (I should mention that I want to control the volume, ie different tremolo speed for each note).

Cant seem to link the key tracker to LFO frequency from within the modulation section.

Not sure if anyone knows a clever workaround?

yea but you can also set fx chain for each note or whatever, just dublicate fx chains and then add slight changes lfo, reverb times and so on for each note, or chords