Controlling Midi Hardware

I am trying to control a Yamaha DX-100 with Renoise. I’m not sure what I’m setting wrong, but every time I hit a key on my computer keyboard the dx-100 resets or something. When you turn on the dx-100 it says “welcome to DX world” this flashes every time I hit a button on the computer and I get no sound. The dx-100 can control renoise just fine though! I have the midi r+t channels set to 1 and I’m using a midiman usb 2x2

The other question I have is about the RY-30 drum machine. The midi works, but it seems awfully time consuming to have to make a new instrument for each drum hit that I want to control. Especially since pitch changes on drums are not that useful. All the different drum sounds are associated with different midi programs. Is there a quick way to change that number with the computer keyboard? Scrolling with the mouse is a pain. Am I missing some quick way to map all the drum hits out? (hopefully!) Or do I have to make 128 instruments??


EDIT: HAHA I opened up the DX100 on a hunch. I think someone went inside it before I bought it. I removed some screws that didn’t have washers and I can control it now! I’m still confused about how to use renoise to change the voices etc. I’m reading the manual now. It’s a pretty bad translation

I decided to take the time to map out all the drum hits etc. as different instruments, but renoise plays the sound of the last program I made no matter what!
Here’s a picture:
All these instruments play different sound when I set them up, but when I play the track it’s all the last instrument the keyboard played. Thanks again!

Is there not any way to assign your drums to the same program and to different key-values? this is a thing that will have to be configured on the RY-30 to prevent having to avoid assigning instrument slots to each program.
Usually this should be possible with most MIDI devices. I would check the manual of the device and check out its configurable options in these situations.

The same goes for the DX-100, perhaps you overlooked something during configuration, not every MIDI hardware responds directly out-of-the-box without requiring preconfiguration.
Check the assigned MIDI channel
Check the selected program
Check the assigned preset to the program (if that is a feature of the device)
And so further.