Controlling Midi Vibrato Via Midi Cc ?

It’s very annoying, to have to assign vibrato, on each sound in my synth, to the modwheel.

So cant i directly control the Vibrato with some midi CC commands ?

modwheel is usually CC#01, so you should be able to control it using C0 01xx or the MidiCCDevice

I think he meant how to set the Vibrato-Effect on another controller than ModWheel.

First of all, the vibrato effect is no core synth-effect like filter but a separate modulation. A modulation of frequency. So you can achieve vibrato on every synth as follow:

  • Set LFO-wave to triangle.
  • Set LFO Speed to a mid-level (or as you like)
  • Assign OSCPitch as destination of LFO1.
  • With LFO-Amount you can alter the strength (like moving up the modwheel)

So you can control the vibrato with the CC Number of LFO-Amount.

If you do not want to “waste” your synth-LFO for the vibrato, just take the Renoise-LFO Device and assign the Midi-CC of your OSC-Pitch to it.
Look at the picture. Now you can also control the intense of the Vibrato with the LFO-Amount. Adjust the Frequency of the LFO to your Song-Speed (I have LPB 8 in this case)

This will probably work…

And yes, i was searching a kinda direct way to control vibrato, so i dont have to change my patches in the synth, to assign it to modwheel (since that might be used for f.ex filter)

Ofcourse, having this running on the track, will make constant pitchstuff, so i have to program the vibrato by dragging slider with right mouse. in which case midi cc 20 is enough… i just tried…

using the lfo just produces a pacman clone! :)

To avoid a “constant pitchstuff” just adjust the offset of the LFO.