Controlling mixer faders - MIDI mapping

Good morning. I am trying to MIDI map the volume faders in the Renoise mixer section using a MIDI Fighter Twister. The first knob sends CC12 and when I try to map to the fader by clicking on it, nothing maps. I can map to the volume in the output / FX section, but changes there are not reflected on the vertical level fader in the mixer. Am I missing something or is the fader not mappable? Thanks in advance.

faders are midi mappable, you just need to click on the value field below it

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 10.15.41 AM

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Well how about that? Thanks! I was here clicking on the fader itself. . .

Much appreciated.

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Sure thing! I never mapped them before, so I learned a thing, too :upside_down_face:

Thanks for that!