Controlling Reverb With Midi Help

Trying to create something that resembles a live setup at the minute. So far got the low pass and high pass filters controlling the cutoff and resonance through the hydra and then turning the mix on and off with one of the buttons on my controller.

Trying to do something with reverb seems to be trickier. I can control the mix from 0-100% gradually but if i want to be able to switch the output between the two at the same time i have problems. Seems you can’t turn plugins on and off with the midi controller. Any geniuses have a solution for me as well as cool things they have invented for live use?


send tracks? track volumes? xF00?

Either two Sends and switch between them.

Or if only for live and not recording see if there is something in Duplex that can help you. Definitely possible through Scripting if you have the skills yourself (EG make a button toggle between 0% and last value, so if wet>0 then x=wet and wet=0, if wet=0 then wet=x. Where x is your local variable and wet is read from the wet mix.

Or use the computer keyboard, navigate in Mixer screen and use the Return key to turn highlighted effects On/Off.

Hydra tricks?