Controlling the keypress values?

So, I found a VST called DSK Guitars which has some really lovely sounding … sounds! … But the issue is that it’s made for a midi-keyboard where you can hard-press or lightly press a key and get different sounds. Or a more standard music production software.

How do I make a “light” press on a key when I only have a keyboard? I don’t have a name for it, or know what it’s called. So I can’t really search for an answer either. Haha…

Thanks for the help!

The term is ‘velocity’ and in Renoise it’s controlled with the volume/velocity column. You can enter values in manually or use the ‘Computer Keyboard Velocity’ option to automatically insert a value with every note.

And is it possible to change that for just one instrument ? or VST?

Or can I only change it in the pattern?

(Would be useful to be able to try melodies with “light velocity” directly on the keyboard)

ah shiet, I should have tried it first… I figured it out! … Thank you OH so much! <3

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