Controlling volume on a sum channel

(aka confused by Signal Follower)

I am trying to control volume on a channel via signal follower.

I have a mix track that receives both a dry drum track and the drum run through FX chain.

I am trying to automate the control of the overall drum volume on the combined signal. Automatically pulling down the level if the combined signal spikes. Really struggling to get the signal follower working.

I have a sidechain-style effect, where signal gets pulled way down, but I just want something more subtle. I’ve been playing with the same idea on just the FX track as it is the main contributor to volume.

Potentially a much simpler way of doing this but I have no idea.

Drum ─────────────┬─────► Mix Send
 β”‚                β”‚
 β”‚                β”‚
 └───► FX Send β”€β”€β”€β”˜
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Did you play with the signal follower settings? Sensitivity and release parameters especially will have an outsized impact on how the signal follower responds. This also sounds like a good use case for compression and/or limiting. The maximizer dsp functions as a limiter if you’re trying to tame peaks. Perhaps upload the xrni in this thread and I’d be happy to take a crack at it. Lots of different fx behaviors are possible with dynamic based fx

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Thanks @slujr - spent some time playing with the parameters and have something working.

Will check out the maximiser.
I was playing with compression but was struggling to avoid changing the overall tone of the sound. Might just be settings again.