Controlling Vst Effect With Midi

Is it possible?

My example is:
I got Guitar rig, and want to control the wahwah with a midi controller


I know it can with VST instruments, but I not found it with VST effects.

Goto Track DSP’s. Press the little arrow next to ‘Enable/Bypass’ button. Then you will see all parameters for the vst plugin. Then midi map parameter.

I feel very stupid, I just overlooked this.
Thank you for you fast feedback

Now I look closer to these parameters, I can’t find any of the parameters that belong to some components.
in my case, pitch shifter and pro-filter.

normally guitar rig has a learn function, but the midi transmissions are not given to vst effects in renoise

Ok since the parameters don’t get updated, even after loading the song again I think this is a bug or need another approach. (1.8 B6)

Could this be moved to the bug section,
or shall I make a new topic there myself?

thank you for your feedback.
but in my version (2.01 as you probably know)
the available parameters don’t change when changing a preset.(including a lot unused)
I searched for the ‘pit.pedal’ parameter (even moved it in the guitar rig gui) to find it, because of the chance it’s been renamed. It is simply not there.