Controlling wet and dry signals at the same time

What is the best way to achieve this: a track where there’s both a wet and a dry output, their values dependending on each other in a inversely proportional way (e.g. when dry output is 0%, wet output is 100%; when dry output is 50, wet is also 50 %).

My solution is this.
I set up a #send device on a track, choose “Keep Source”, assign it to a send track where the wet signal is.

I put a gainer after the #send device.

And finally, I put in hydra to control the dry and the wet signal at the same time. The hydra controls the #Send device’s “Amount” and the Gainer’s “Gain”, so that when one is turned up, the other is turned down.

But there must a simpler and better way to achieve this, right? What would you do?