Conversion to 3.0?

Sorry to nag, I want you all to take as long as you need. I’m just curious how long it might be before we some updates.

Right now the only thing missing from 3.0 for are some older incompatible tools. I miss my sample generators! I find myself wanting to jump between versions for the different features, but that cramps workflow quite a bit. If any developers/scripters could give an insight to us laypeople into how long their conversion process (or just in general, not necessarily their own tool) may take it would be really appreciated.

I don’t think this can be easily estimated for all tools in general. Also some tools are a bit more obsolete due to new native functionalities offering a fine alternative.
I have already updated the plugin parameter scanner and the bulk stereo to mono converter tools because these were fairly easy to update.

Epic Arpeggiator require a lot of work because the whole new instrument redesign completely abandoned my code structure based on the old architecture. Plus i’m not sure if things are going to change with the envelopes in the instrument structure like people are complaining about the pitch envelope ranging from -1.0 to +1.0 where it used to be -1200 cents to +1200 cents. The EA tool also depends on what values it can submit to these devices and i want to be sure what i can use or not.

To be short:because it is still beta, also on API level, things may still change and some script developers in that case may rather wait until Renoise is final (and also the API is ensured) before migrating to the new API environment.

Ah right, that makes sense, thanks vV! Now I just need to figure out how I can compromise between 2.8 and 3.0. It’d be really nice if in future versions there was some sort of ‘sandbox mode’ for backwards compatibility.

Personally I’m still exploring the new features and trying to make tracks before thinking about tools.
However I will be updating my tools based on:

a. If I need to use it, or
b. If someone asks for a tool to be updated

If there are specific tools you want updated I would suggest posting in the threads related to those tools.

It’s true that because of the new way of seeing and treating samples (and keyzones), almost all tools handling keyzones will have to be checked. Going to check on AwesomeSawce (unison tool) next, should be made easier actually with this release :).
I’m also just now studying the new API. (Views should be interesting, now that the fill color thing is fixed)
I’ll also be using this release as a good moment to scan the selection I’ve built, and decide what really needs and deserves proper updating on my site and the renoise tools site (ie deserves the hassle of designing the accompanying logo/screenshot pictures).

I’ve got tools that make use of keyzones/layers. Especially AwesomeSawce will need to be looked at.
I’ve got tools that do stuff with pattern editor / edit step. Will need to see how this translates to phrases editor (eg PDub).
I’ve got tools that insert (VST)/(*meta)/(#send) fx. Will need to see how this translates to: instrument FX, inside Doofer…
There are also many things that will work instantly (much thanks to the devs for this), and with some tools it’s more a question of how much can it now be made to do, rather than how should it be manoeuvred to have it behave like it used to.

All that being said,
OT is just updated and worked for the 3 seconds, or maybe minutes, I’ve tested it. So it can be seen as completely untested.
Grabbable from the usual github place, and a .xrnx here.
Let me know via PM if something doesn’t work (bug report is appreciated)

PS. a lot of tools won’t be updated soon, especially ones I don’t use much myself, as I’m on vacation now and on fulltime internship after that. If anybody needs me I’ll be killin it with C++.

I’m waiting until Renoise 3.0 is stamped “final” before even thinking of updating my tools.

But if you want to do it for me they are on GitHub. Pull requests welcome. :)

Your awesome scl_to_xrni tool seems to work straight out of the box after converting the api number to 4 in the manifest. Dunno if the manual thing you have to do in the sample editor on the first slice(toggling the icon for slice playing behavior), can now be automated through scripting? Than that would be :drummer: .

Reseq doesn’t work right now, but it would be nice to experiment with together with the new modulation possibilities. So if you’re bored… :wink:

Sadly not, however scl_to_xrni is going to updated, I’m just holding out for proper sample aliases so I don’t have to use slices. Good to know that it is easy to get it working in R3 though :)

As for Reseq, my initial thoughts were that you can do everything in Reseq with the new phrases + modulations feature, however there are some things I miss like note length adjustments and the step filter. For the pitch stuff I feel phrases are much better, so I haven’t decided whether to make a new tool altogether or adapt it, if I do that I am thinking I may make it so that it writes stuff to the pattern editor rather than envelopes… but overall I’m still pondering what to do with that one, I will take on suggestions so fire away with any ideas, it would be useful to know what elements of it you mostly use?

Nice! I look forward to seeing some plugins from you one day

I’ve been looking into learning C++ since I got a taste for programming but C++ looks like so much hard work compared to Lua!

Having the ability to define different note pitches in the pitch envelope through the script’s gui + all the length tweaking options etc. Basically all of it :wink:

I know we can set-up arpeggio’s in a phrase now, but that doesn’t negate Reseq’s usefulness imo, more experimentation possibilities ftw!

Yeah I hear you, more experimentation possibilities would be good :)
I’ll have a look into it, maybe I can do a quick hack to get it working at least.