Convert .Flac To .Wav

Just wanted to say if you need to convert .flac files to .wav files then ‘Freerip basic’ was the best free one (with seemingly no limitations for converting flac to wav) that i could find. hope this can save someone some time

You could also use FlicFlac which was created by one of our community members Icarus. It supports conversions to/from WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG and APE.

It’s been listed on the Renoise apps page for quite some time now, and also mentioned here on the forum.


how does one benefit from converting .flac to .wav? i thought both are lossless?

You don’t really benefit; it’s simply a matter of compatibility. If you have some audio files stored as .flac and you want to edit them in another application that doesn’t natively support .flac, then you must first convert to .wav or something like that.

i see. thank you :)

FlicFlac is the best. It’s one of the first things I put in my start menu after a clean instal of windows (had to do a few last year)

I use SUPER, it can convert just about everything and it’s free. It’s a bit slow though.

I use my music-player foobar2000. Hah. :)

Look no further than FFMPEG for all your decoder needs. It’s multi platform and I believe GUI’s are available if your not comfortable working in the command line.

This has been my go-to for a couple years now.
It’s right-click integration makes things super easy.
Works for both many audio and video formats.

This app works great for me as long as the files are not too large: Flac to WAV Converter Online :grinning: