Flicflac - Flac2wav / Wav2flac Single-exe Converter

FlicFlac v0.36

Hello everybody,

I coded a small utility to convert FLAC, WAV, MP3 and OGG to any of the other formats.
I know there are many, but I wanted to have a single-exe, simple GUI with no installer. So, here goes.


  • Pressing the Select button will let you choose files (multiple files are allowed) or you can drop files or folders on any of the buttons to immediately convert.
  • Optional shell integration (converting through the context menu).
  • No installation needed.
  • Converting files of mixed formats is allowed (e.g. FLAC and WAV to MP3 with one operation).
  • MP3 and OGG ID3 tag is written (artist configurable in INI, all the rest automatic)
  • MP3 quality end encoding mode is configurable (default CBR-192kbps)
  • OGG quality is configurable (default 5 out of 10)

Download FlicFlac
(AutoHotkey source is also available).



… just thought you might want to know… as to avoid potential confusion ;)

So my pretentious name backfired? :o)
Its just a small utility for me and my Renoise/AutoHotkey friends who appreciate single-exe tiny utils. So I am not too concerned, since I do not expect massive audience.

But thanks for pointing that out (you choose any three letters and you will probably hit some file extension right?)



Thanks mate.
Just updated to 0.11 - previous version did not handle filenames with spaces properly… yes, very shameful of me - I am still in the 8.3 filename convention… life were easy back then. :)

EDIT: I just noticed I got a new rectangle thingy. I think “yippee” is in order… :)

thanx for this icarus,this will be usefull for sure

I dont own a mac, sorry. Isnt there a mac developer here? This is a 20 minutes work to port this to mac.

Glad to hear. Maybe I should add MP3 support for completeness? Wanna keep it simple though.

Yes! That would be great. Please add this.

Ok, let me do some digging to see if I can find a GNU converter that supports all three formats.
Maybe we will get more file formats “at the same price”.

Very cool little app! Cheers

nicely done.
suggestion: should be able to drag & drop the wav/flac file onto the app.

Thats easy, thanks, will be implemented.
I am such a keyboard user, that I sometimes forget the mouse exists.

Three magic words:Code in Java

Two magic words: Java Sucks.

BTW, which scripting languages are supported out of the box on Mac?

Version 0.12 is up

  • Added : Support for WAV2MP3 conversion, using LAME.
  • Added : Support for dragging files on the buttons (thanks patto).
  • Added : INI file - to remember last folder, last window coordinates and to set MP3 quality and artist ID3 tag.
  • Changed: Status text to marquee progress.
  • Changed: We will no longer erase the converters executables from the windows temporary folder, in order to allow a faster load time.

Thanks :yeah:

Can you also set the CBR and VBR in the ini file?

Still not implemented (will be soon) - a drag and drop of complete folders.

excellent smithers!

even better:)


nice!! B)

Version 0.13 is up:

  • Fixed : Dragging over non-button control was still attempting to convert. No damage was done, since we did not know which conversion to do, but the regex code was inaccurate.
  • Added : Check for correct windows coordinates on startup (was done only on shutdown by mistake).
  • Added : The state of the two checkboxes is now also remembered in the INI.
  • Added : Drag and drop support for folders.
  • Changed: Some internal code changes.
  • Changed: Hot character for the buttons to be consistent (now all are set to the target format).