Convert Keyboard Shortcut Xml

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I’m curious if anyone has written anything that does anything close to a decent job of parsing or converting kbshortcut.xml files between mac and windows style keyboards??

!!! this would be so awesome.

@esa, @mSepsis can you send me your mac based KeyBindings.xml? - I’m just curious how the Mac Keys are named there…

sure. here’s one

Was studying the Mac/Win/Linux KeyBindings.xml files:

$ wget http://www.renoise.c…indings_mac.xml
$ http://www.renoise.c…indings_win.xml
$ wget http://www.renoise.c…dings_linux.xml
$ diff KeyBindings_mac.xml KeyBindings_win.xml | less
$ diff KeyBindings_mac.xml KeyBindings_linux.xml | less

It seems, that you cannot simply translate between the key names, so you cannot make a generic 1:1 mapping between these files.

Search and replace did the trick for me here.

if going from a mac.xml to linux.xml, for starters:

search “Option”
*replace with “Meta”

search “Command”
replace with “Alt”.

Steve jobs HAD to move the gas pedal to the left of the break pedal. jerk.

*Not sure how to map the windows key as a modifier key in renoise … works great for going between mac and linux though.

IT would be cool if there was some sort of logic built into the load shortcut operation… If "Alt + appears in the xml and you’re running renoise on a mac it’d prompt you then replace “Alt +” mappings to “Command +” mappings… vice-versa if on linux attempting to load a shortcut xml with “Command +” or “Option +”… Still AFAICT manual search and replace works just fine to get there from here.

It totally would be cool. I mean, I’ve spent ages configuring my keyboard shortcuts to work the way I want on OS X, but now if I wanna take those keybindings to PC, I’m completely wrecked and have no idea what to do. Sure, one could find&replace, but why? Why not encourage OS X / Linux / Windows canon shortcut keybinding sharing between the OS’s? I know why, because Renoise is FT2 and you’re supposed to use the mouse :huh: :rolleyes: :angry: :(


well, the mappings are xml files that can be easily edited, I would have taken that in my FT2 pipe any day!