Convert .s3m and .mod to .xm?

Is this possible?
Only solution i can think of is to download dosbox and convert from s3m to mod in Screamtracker3 if i can find a copy.
And then find a copy of FastTracker2 to convert the mod files to xm.
I should have the copies of these on floppy somewhere, but i don’t have a floppy drive on my computer,
so i will have to salvage one from an old one and then go through a bunch of poorly labeled floppies.
Only the thought gave me a headache, so i want to find a converter. I know there were something like that for dos back in the days, but where is it now?

Edit: It wasn’t really that hard to find the copies of ST3 and FT2 online, just a simple google search.
Maybe i just go for the first solution anyway.

Modplug tracker should be able to handle it.

Did u try Modplug? I have used it pretty often to convert .mod and .it files to xm, although that was a long time ago.
If i’m not mistaken it loads s3m too, although i don’t know how accurate the conversion will be…

edit: too slow :P

Modplug Tracker did the job nicely! Thanks! :walkman:

Just used Milkytracker for this tonight on Mac OS (Big Sur - installed via homebrew). Was able to convert both .s3m and .mod files to .xm and load into Renoise.

Can also play 'em on the command line with xmp (also installed via homebrew).

Old .lha files of obscure techno mods? Extract em with 7z (you guessed it, homebrew).

Internet crate digging is alive and well! <3