Convert Sync To Pitch/tuning

A problem I run into pretty often is that I’ll sync a sample to a number of lines to make it fit the song, only to find out that I actually still want to use it at different pitches now and then.
I now solve this problem by setting the Sync switch on, and set to the correct number of lines. Next, I make a track in which the sample plays out from start to finish, and the use the Render selection to sample function.
When that is done I swap all the notes to the new sample and throw away the original one.

Anyway, so here’s the deal. I was wondering about a function that should be very easy to implement:
Why not make a button that automatically switches off the Sync tick-box and uses the Basenote and Finetuning values to adjust the tuning of the sample to what would otherwise be automatically set by the Sync function.
This would save me a lot of work!

I’ll add some quick mock-up shots to clarify:

Step 1: Click the Sync tick-box on, set to the correct number of lines.

Step 2: Click on the new Convert to Pitch button (or Tune to sync, something like that.)

Step 3: Tadaa! The button that automatically switches off the Sync tick-box and adjusts the Basenote and Finetuning values.

Let me know what you think… Holler!


If we could somehow avod adding a new column to the GUI, then yeah, why not.
Alternatively the tooltip could show the currently used BeatSync values.

may be put this button into the sampler?

That’s also a good idea! although a button will still be quicker for weird values.
I’ll put some thought into how it could be done without adding another column.

(Btw, I was wondering why that’s an issue. Does it have to do with a screen resolution?)

That would be a pretty neat feature indeed.

+1 good idea!

yes i also like this +1

+1 goes here. This will be madness!

I’m a fan of this one. +1

can’t we just make the sync checkbox put the used values into the basenote and finetuning fields when checked? And while off they show the original values instead.

+1, when we are at it, maybe there could be a “match tempo” button there as well, which would instead of changing pitch of the sample adjust bpm of the song to fit the sample

This could also include having the sample being synced to the given length when played by C-4. While all the other notes being played will be pitched relatively to this C-4.

Wouldn’t this be exactly the point of the original idea?
And how about possibility to sync only the loop range so that if sample exceeds loop markers it would be pitched according to the looped area?

This implies that we have float bpm values, that we don’t at the moment.

Bump. This is a simple but powerful idea that should not be forgotten.

Just now I tried to play a bunch of synched drum loops at different pitches only to have to put brain power into remembering “oh right, BeatSync.”

I’d be using this feature all the time.


Such an obviously useful feature :) I never use the sync toggle because i ALWAYS want to repitch at some point.