Converting Hardcore Fruityloop-heads To Renoise?

my friend won’t budge from fruityloops, or as i call it fruitylambs (because of the follow-the-sheep reputation it has now in the wolrd of computer music productions)

how can i convince him renoise is real easy and cool so i can get him to collab with me on tunes?

has anyone ever done it? i didn’t really know where to put this topic so i thought it would be ok in offtopic

You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. ;)


I used fruity briefly before I discovered Renoise but after I couldn’t comfortably run IT in win2k… The main thing I hated about it was that you couldn’t just copy/paste individual parts between patterns, you had to have this elaborate scheme of which “loops” are playing at a particular time in the sequencer. (Maybe it makes sense to some people, I don’t know… But I found it hell on my workflow for working on a melody when I wanted to continue from the last section)… So tell him that in Renoise, everything on each pattern is just as you see it

Also, you can still collab with him. Fruity works as a vst inside of Renoise. A friend and I are planning on doing this actually. :D

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I don’t think one should TRY to convert people from one music making program to another. I agree that FL may not be the best way to arrange tracks for some people, but for others FL can be the most intuitive way to program and sequence the music they create. To each their own.
That being said, I do know it feels nice to share the joy of a program like renoise. I think a lot of people feel good when they are able to ‘turn on’ someone to something new for that matter. That’s probably why I used to love making mix tapes for people in high school. There would always be the chance that one of those mix tapes would convince a friend how awesome a certain band or song is.
Organic Jo has a good point, FL works fine as a VSTi. I came from FL to renoise myself and sometimes I still use FL as a VSTi if I need to.

Actually, if there’s one program having any kind of “follow-the-sheep reputation” it is Protools.

Yeah, that’s what I would think. I wouldn’t be quick to say that FL is a follow-the-sheep type of program. After all, there’s all those music program snobs that constantly belittle FL as a ‘kids’/‘amateur’/‘n00b’ program and yadda yadda…and meanwhile you have a FL user like Wisp getting signed to Rephlex records.
It just goes back to that saying, to each their own.