Converting Puremagnetic Holiday Selection

I just purchasedPuchased Puremagnetic Holiday Selection 2016

It’s a deal for $10 but these are all Ableton, Kontakt and Logic X samples, what is the best way to get them into Renoise/Redux?

I know there was a Lua script to load some of these into Renoise, but it did not work well for me with 3.0. Even after some hacking, it was not reading EXS24 patches from Garageband properly.

I wish Redux supports one of these and it can easily become my main sampler (I am on Linux with T7 and purchased Garageband/Mainstage only for sounds). I still use demo version of Renoise/Redux and don’t want to commit until I am sure it can load these “industry standards”.

Anyone was successful with converting any of these? Thanks for help.

They have nice sounds. :dribble:unfortunately no 10$ offer anymore.

I never tried those formats. But, maybe you could just load them into a Kontakt player VST (or the free version of TX16Wx?), and sample them in the Plugin Grabber in Renoise. Some features that are Kontakt specific might get lost though.

Then there’s also which promises to convert some of those formats. Let me know if that works, I am still unsure if I should get the Extreme Sample Converter.

I use ESC, there are some things to know about it, though:

It’s no longer supported, since about 2011, and I don’t think it will be again. It’s pretty much abandonware.

Yes, it converts to Renoise instruments, but not Renoise 3 instruments, only much older version, so the instruments need further work to be fully compatible with Renoise 3.

It can’t read or convert Kontakt 5 instruments, I think maybe not even K 4 instruments, only K 3 and below.

What it can do, even as a rapidly aging software, it generally does well, though, so I still consider it a good investment, especially if you are working with old sampler formats, even VERY old hardware sampler formats.