Converting Renoise song to Cubase


I would like to learn the best workflow for converting a Renoise song into a Cubase song… My goal is to

  1. Having the exact drum patterns in the new daw at the end.

  2. Having all midi data and all tracks in the new daw

  3. Having all preset data of the VSTis at least

I mostly am using VSTis for tone generation (except drums). Also I often use millisecond offsets/track delay for special drum tracks. Track delay seems not to be supported in Redux. So I would assume that it is better not to use Redux phrases at all in my case.

My plan would be to do the following steps:

  • Clean up Renoise instruments, delete unused instrument slots and also unused sample slots

  • Join all separate drums together in one drum set instrument, without phrases

  • Copy drums tracks’ dsp into the new drum set instrument

  • Export all midi data

  • Load up Redux in Cubase and load drumset instrument

  • Import midi data

  • Rebuild track dsp using other VSTs

How can I do this in the most practical and fast way? Is this the right approach? Which tools should I use here? Are there limitations? Is there a manual for such an approach?

Thank you!

As you said …Export midi data and save presets as fxp.

What do you mean redux does not support track delay ?

Track delay is located in ’ renoise’s mixer , just set the desired track delay in cubase and insert redux on that track .