Converting Renoise Tracks

Just curious if it’s possible to convert renoise tracks to a MOD format… Basically going to be doing some music for a video game and the developer wants MOD formatted shit. Is there any way I can do that? Aside from completely re-writing in another software? (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease)

this question has been asked like 1000 times on this forum, but the answer is still the same:

nope, sorry. renoise is not a ft/pt/it/whatever clone and therefore we do not focus on lossy export (not all filters/effects can be adapted for such target formats).

however, next release of renoise will include a xml based fileformat (see news section). If you need to access the songdata for your own custom player engine it will be the way to go. I am also pretty confident (at least i do really hope so) about 3rd party coders will develop converters based on that more user friendly file format.


wordup thanks for the quick response, sorry I didnt check first to see if it was already asked.

Ill mention the xml thing to the developer and see if it entices them. sigh. i guess i need like a ft2 computer set up again or something. :ph34r:

Nope, FT2 look and feel can be archieved with the fantastic Milkytracker

the milkyway wouldnt be the same without milkytracker!
is so versatile, its works on pocketpc pdas, linux pdas, osx, win32, x86 linux, & a newer amiga box (i think), its so crossplatform its unbelievable its frreeeeee. :D
i think the reason its so quick has to do with it being all integers an no floats, (correct me if im wrong im new to this)
i beleive it even has asio an midi in now on the w32 version.
Peter the Developer has worked very hard on this, it is very admirable!

i’m sure most of us milky users also use renoise, it would be brilliant if one day in renoise there was a save to milky export button an just turnacate all the extra stuff that ft2 format doesnt want of need. or actually a little extensions thing in renoise so 3rd party devs could make small enhancements like this convertor.
(extensions like firefox) we should always borrow & put to use good ideas.

Erm… As an ex-FT2 user I’d have to say that Renoise is definetely an FT2 clone… The best there is, and - though evolving - still most like the original FT2 :)