Converting Sample Cd`s

Does anybody know an app that can convert EMU or AKAI sample cds to wav formats ? I know that some soft samplers can read AKAI CDs, but it would be a lot of work to convert them sample per sample …

CDXtract can do it.

I’ll give you more info about it on ICQ

AWave have a bunch of AKAI formats and two EMU formats. Not sure of samples CDs as I have no experience in that. Check this page for all formats. Maybe you understand the formats better than me :)

There’s a program called Extreme sample converter that should be able to do it. There is a free version at:
Haven’t tried it myself.

Awave cannot read AKAI CD’s, it think. Just .AKP-Files.


Try CDEX, It’s open source.

I also use it to encode my WAV tracks into OGG/MP3.