convolver drag/drop samples from audio editor

Lately been rediscovering fl studio and the convolution reverb . is amazing .,because of it’s editing abilities .

So…;how about drag /drop samples from the sample editor straight into the convolution reverb…

And while we’re at it , some amplitude and panning envelope parameters .

Reversed white noise .as a impulse response .—> nice



yes a direct pipe between sample editor and convolver devices, so you don’t have to save/load the processed irs anymore would be a very fortunate feature. as would be graphical vol/pan envelopes in the sample editor, not nessecarily in the convolver.

also consideration should be taken for “true stereo” impulse responses that offer stereo impulse responses for both left and right channel, so two stereo ir’s per effect. but this I think would be solved even more gracefully via a parallel processing doofer where left/right would each get a standard convolver that will run in parallel, and dry as a third seperate channel so you can eq etc the reverb tail and dry seperately inside the doofer.

You can already drag samples from the file manager and drop it on a convolver, but it would be nice if you could drag it from the sampler or Win Explorer too.

I see some IR collections has three IRs for every reverb, left, right and m-s. It would be very cool to take advantage of this without setting up a parallell chain with send tracks. Maybe a width slider instead of the m and s buttons could be nice too?

Is there something fishy about the color slider perhaps? I think it sounds a bit weird, but i also think the same about the color slider of the mpreverb. I think perhaps they should be a bit more subtle, as i tend to find that they totally changes the feel of the reverb and very rarely for the better. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me?

Yes the color slider is verry weirdi ndeed ;

I always found the covolver soundig different to toher i.R. reverbs ., sometimes the diference is really big ,

So I did some tests over the past years n and when the impulse sample of the convolver .

This is not the case with convolver , it applies a highpass filter to the input signal , for eliminating dc …proof is in topic below

Here you can read all about it ,

Ofcourse not a single reply from the developers