convolver: load IR from sample list/use sample as IR

really excited to play with the convolver.
currently, it only loads impulses from external files, but it would be nice to use an existing loaded sample as an IR as well, for more interesting sound design possibilities.
thanks :D


You know that it’s possible to load any file with right format?If you mean to make things more convenient, that’s of course cool - it’s the ‘more interesting sound design possibilities’ that confuse me

yeah it’s entirely about making things more convenient. i’m well aware that i can already do what i want by saving a sample to disk and then loading it, but hey, anything to save a few mouseclicks.

bumping this. really would like a better way of organizing and browsing IRs. even directory bookmarks would be nice.

Right click your sample, save sample as, load in convolver. Takes 2 seconds unless you’re on a 486DX. :D
And this is probably not something you plan to do very frequently i guess?

Phonononono was talking about a tool he wanted to make recently which would make your suggestion possible i think. I don’t think he was planning to make it himself though so i think we’ll have to get cas on the case or something. :)

there’s also no good way to bookmark IR locations.

A drag and drop feature would be nice, then you could just bookmark under “other”.

You are aware that the Convolver now supports drag-n-drop from the Disk Browser, right?
I was surprised to discover this myself, as I don’t think it was advertised during one of the beta releases.

Certainly makes it a lot easier to manage, as you’d just bookmark a located in the disk browser full of ready-to-use IRs

Danoise: What?! It should be advertised :slight_smile:

nice :drummer:

this is fantastic, thanks for pointing that out

Ah, i was still at b5 where this wasn’t possible yet. Good to see you’re one step ahead. :D

Edit: Damn the convolver is awesome! :yeah: