Convolver stuff y'all probably know

So, I really like the sound of cassette recorders and ambient music - using Ableton, I made this with cassette IR devices: Layered Lines • EP | Neuro... No Neuro

Today, I decided to give the process of cassette sounds using Convolver a go - not making a track or anything, but to give it a listen. Convolver can do it! It also has a ton of capability to add extra filtering to the sound. It’s almost a filter/EQ using such short samples (approx. 200 samples in length). Can get a nice ‘Sawako’ tape sound with Renoise if I try.

While Renoise is still a bit stiff when it comes to LFO modulation (still no random with rounded edges), there’s a nice amount of variation to be had at low amplitudes. Low fidelity in a nice way!


Does a random LFO set to modulate the frequency of a sine LFO simulate smoothed random or not? Not ever tested it, was just a thought i had.

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Yepparoonie, I just don’t want to use two LFOs. Fussy, no? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nah not fussy, keeping things looking clean is very important. Fill an FX column with randomised effect commands for the LFO speed on a sine LFO? Or you could nest the LFOs in a doofer and only see one device?

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That’s probably what I’d do - right now I’m up to my knees in Ableton. Unless Renoise starts adding those features I’ve been requesting (granular/fm/more macro knobs, etc.), I’m liable to stick to Ableton for a while. There’s this Max/MSP sound to it that I love, and I’ll overlook the annoying piano-roll to compose in that DAW.

Yeah, I mean, what is life if not deciding what compromises you find most tolerable? Im in a similar boat, except ive finally fully landed on Bitwig. I dont like the interface, too many fussy little buttons or sliders, but i suppose i can assign some hotkeys.

Your decision seems to have worked, Layered Lines EP is great for what my opinion is worth.


Oh yeah, I have Bitwig too… UGH with the interface, but great tone-shaping, great synthesis, and a better (snappier) piano-roll grid. Very good choice!

U can try this IR files.

Personally i really like them. For Synth Bass and Vocals and Drums.


Thanks! I don’t need to try it, I make my own.

I am already use it

Nice thread here - I ignored the convolver for years. Decided to play around today on lunch break… mannnn, it’s sick. Just messing around throwing diff samples in there to see what happens is a ton of fun.

PROTIP I just figured out: You can go into the sample browser and drag/drop onto the “load” button in convolver. Nice if you want to listen to the impulse you’re going to load up before you do.


Convolution is awesome and is useful for all kinds of arcane cross synthesis effects. I like making rhythmic IRs that change timbre over time. You can get some really interesting harmonic bespoke delay fx this way. If course it’s great for all sorts of ambiences as well. Foley sounds are a particularly rich goldmine for experimentation, too