Cool Edit Pro Is Now Over Priced Adobe

Adobe wants like 20$/month for the software (Adobe Audition).

I managed to pick up an old lifetime license on eBay for 15$.

I haven’t gotten it in my email yet. I hope it genuine and not some pirated schinanagins.

for $15 its definitely going to be legit

What did it sell for before Adobe bought them out? I haven’t looked at it really since 2000

I’ve bought other legit softwares before that were out of date for next to nothing.

…well it works…

And I gotta say. It’s much cooler than I expected

Stretching, pitch shifting, Doppler, fft filter, graphic phase shifter, and brain wave synchronizer… Way neatoo

I haven’t used my copy of CE2K for a while now but some years ago I was on roll digitizing a slew of cassette tapes. Made heavy use of the noise reduction to clean stuff up.

Digitized some vinyl too and used it to clean up noise and pops as well.

Most impressed that it still runs on Win 10.

good news, its a great program to edit with

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