Cool Record Edit Pro Free Download Today

heres the link…o_33263218.html

hmmm originaly ‘cool edit pro’ was made by syntrillium software …
I don’t really trust this
O.K. I see now …it has nothing to do with cool edit pro …they just used the same name…wankers

Yeah, i already saw the remark “Record” in between Cool and Edit.
Just took a small look at the screenshots and then discarded the link.
Kristal Audio is still by far a lot more interesting freebie than that.

ahah doh!

curious people B|

Better than Audacity?

With audacity i can’t use my own wave-out as a source, with Kristal I can.

There may be a few features in Audacity that might win from Kristal for the lack of it but Audacity failed on me a few times on different PC gears (different laptops) when it was about recording while i never had problems using Kristal.

To be honest I never got on with Audacity’s user interface and currently use a old version of Soundforge for most things. I’m going to get a new graphics card for my computer shortly and will do a fresh install. Wanting a good, free audio editor to replace Soundforge and currently Audacity seemed the only real contender. Will definitely check out Kristal as well now.