Copenhagen Connection

Yo , I am planning to go to copenhagen for a week , looking for a friend over there who needs help .
Thing is I ( we ) am looking for a place to stay , I am with a female friend and a kid of 2 years old , we are willing to pay like 20 euro a night for accomodation ( 10 a person )
Hotels are too damn expensive , last resort would be youth hostels …but somehow I don’t really want that .
SO fellow copenhagen renoisers , open your hearts and give us some shelter and earn an easy buck ,
WOuld be great


Pic or gtfo

what the fuck picture ?
You want a picture of my pretty face or the misses I am with ?
Dude get a grip , I am just looking for some ( cheap ) accomodation , I have a friend in copenhagen denmark (not sure if he is still living in christiania , ) who is in serious trouble , he’s been missing for a year now ,
This is him[showUid]=20291

I am going to look for him together with a dear friend , who happens to have a kid .
SO if you don’t have anything decent or constructive to say , PISS OFF


oh, that’s horrible! i wish you luck!

Well hotel it is then ,
All arranged …spending money in copenhagen , once again urrghhh

I’m not in Copenhagen… but Horsens… idk if that could be an option!? sry I didnt see this topic before!

all right , I am off to denmark , so no beta testing for me this week

im not in copenhagen either,but near aalborg,i know its not very helpfull
but hope you have a good stay in denmark,just had hoped the circumstances was a bit better

I’m back from copenhagen and it was emotionally exhausting , I found my friend and he is in a verry advanced stadium of alcoholism , living in a self made tent in christiania, living the low life bum style in copenhagen …only goal of the day is to get drunk .people are laughing with him but he doesn’t care anymore , It’s really sad too see what abuse of alcohol can do with a person .verry sad

Luckuly he still recognized me , but he is far far away mentally , I am glad I found him , contacted his father …we are making plans to bring him back to holland to an anti drug/alcohol clinic .

You are a true friend, most ppl would have been too scared or overwhelmed.

I hope everything turns out well for everybody involved!

Human after all

wish you and your friend all the luck with this!