Copy Buffer

I find it a bit cumbersome that I can’t open more than one song file in case I want to copy + paste channel or pattern data between the two etc., but to make up for this, I think it would be a great if the copy buffer was shareable between different instances of Renoise. I open the two songs up in different copies of Renoise, and want to copy from one and paste into the other. Can this be done?

There is just two features that really slow down my workflow now days, and this is one of them, not being able to easy import data from another song.

I think there should be a possibility to merge/import data from another song into a current one. It could be done like in 3ds max where it pops up requester asking which data from the other file you want to import.

Then you could be able to chose, which patterns/tracks you want to import, if you want to import the other songs instruments along with the patterns…Etc…

But the other way would also be to be able to have two or more projects, that you can cut/copy between…

The other one is quantisize in realtime and quantisize a selection…

a good way would be something similar to Impulse Tracker’s (argh! :) ) way:

we could think of seeing songs as directories in Disk Op when in DspChain, Instrument or Sample mode.

We could browse between elements of the song by pressing the [+] button on the song… good idea, no? :)

the nickname speaks for itself: I’m alien to the idea of Impulse Tracker :)

This would surely be a welcome addition, I’d love to see it in Renoise.

This was one of the lesser known features of the no discontinued mac tracker called PlayerPro.
It had ‘song buffer’ that you could switch between multiple(limited by memory) songs and copy stuff from one to the other.

I mainly used this by using one of the ‘songs’ to create breakbeats and loops effect samples(chords etc) samples, and the other ‘song’ to sequence the them.

Tehnically it was a very simple issue and shouldn’t take the coders too long to implement.

Could be dome by addig a two tings to the advanced edit
‘Create New/Delete Song Buffer’ in and a ‘Select Active Song Buffer’ or something similar.

This would make it pretty painless to do copy paste between two or more songs.

This is THE one thing that bothers me most in renoise. I would like to see any of the suggested solutions implemented, especially the “different instances/shared buffer” one - maybe just as a temporary solution. It shouldn’t be too hard to code…?