Copy+Cut+Paste Icons Gone In Instrumentpool Window?


is it me or did the copy+paste+cut icons disappear from the instrument pool window???

Is the cut/copy paste section unfolded or collapsed?
It did appeared gone on my configuration as well, but it turned out simply to be collapsed.
Sorry, i’m not awake today… yes you are right, the alteration icons are gone from the instrument list.

Could this maybe be an agreeable place to put a little button to change from showing samples only, to half/half split instrument and samples within instrument, which so many people seem to be missing?

They are still in the context menu and also available as shortcuts. We wanted to get rid of some fuzz in the GUI.

Ohyeah I’ve got a question about this. Why doesn’t Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V copy any instrument settings along (envelopes, loop-points, etc.)?
Whereas right-click/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V does copy all of that… (Same behavior in previous Renoise versions…)

Have you set focus to the instrument box?
Many ways to do that. Like middleclick the box (mousewheel), or alt+click. Or cycle focus using ctrl+tab etc.


Don’t shoot me but what is this “set focus”-style of working good for?
This is the sort of behavior that actually annoys me.

This behavior is optional. You can unlock keyboard focus in the View Menu.

Olol (thanks), I see now. That’s not really good (unlocking the keyboard focus)… :P

Still a question that remains… Why exactly is Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V behavior different when there is no focus (in the sample slot)?

Because there are global keyboard assignments and local keyboard assignments.
Renoise is oriented upon having most activity used into the pattern area and the sequencer so the Pattern area has strong keyboard focus by default and thus all global keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl+C and ctrl+V) apply to that area first.

If you need to use these kind of keyassignments in other areas for a longer period of time, middle click or left-alt click, you set the keyboard focus to that area and then can use the keyboardshortcuts there as well. But usually in most cases, one only desires to perform a copy/paste action once or twice in these areas and then quickly resume on the pattern editor, so that doesn’t make it worth the trouble of removing the keyboard focus from the pattern editor to another area.

Ofcourse, like suggested, you can turn it off and try to experience if you like the focus to follow your left mousebutton automatically everywhere you go.

good explanation, thanks. will try working with unlocked keyboard focus, see how that works out for me.

but … but

they were there last week, i know i’ve used the buttons last week!! …
odd . . . i see dead buttons

Thanks vV. Makes more sense now. Heh. :)