Copy/Duplicate Patterns To New Track

a option i sometimes would like to have is to be able to copy/duplicate patterns to new track,so you could process the 2 identical tracks differently

hope you know what i mean

Patterns to a new track?? You can duplicate track including data you know? Not sure I understand what you mean though…

what i mean is duplicate say track 1 (including pattern data)to a new track lets say track 2,so you got the 2 tracks playing the excact same thing,but you can now process them differently

is this what you mean is already possible?

Yep, already possible.

Right Click -> Duplicate Track (incl. Patterns) {Although I thought it was, and would make more sense as Inc Data, guess it means Pattern Data.) Or Ctrl+Alt+D

Copies the DSP chain too so you will have to delete that (although maybe you want to keep some the same or similar such as filters and EQ at start of chain.)

hmm i think i must be doing something wrong,i right click duplicate patterns,and sure they do get duplicated,not to its own track(thats what i meant)

not sure if I follow you s-n-s: the track gets duplicated on a new track of its own called #source_name. what should else happen if not?

Rick click and Duplicate Track in the Track, not in the Pattern/Matrix. Is that what you’re doing? You tried the keyboard shortcut I posted when focused on the pattern editor?

ahhh yes i did it in the pattern matrix,i dont know why i didnt notice this was possible before,thanks for showing me how to do this

I’ve come to love this a lot lately. sometimes it’s better to just duplicate something than getting lost in a send jungle…