Copy/Move Selection to New Track

It’d be useful to be able to make a selection of events in the pattern editor and, in the right-click context menu when clicking the selection, have an option, “Copy selection to new track” which would create a new track to the right of the current track(s) and copy the selected notes or whatever. Could also have a “Move selection to new track” (or “active track”) option that deleted the original after the move. Mainly useful for when doing harmonized parts but also drums and other stuff.

Maybe even better would be a command where you can select notes that play simultaneously (chords) and in the context menu have a command, “Explode selected notes to new tracks”, as in Reaper and some other DAWs. This is mainly because I often write harmonized parts using a piano and later want to turn the chords I entered into a multi-part section where, say, I’ll have a saxophone section (baritone, tenor, tenor, alto) play it instead, only I want each sax part on its own track. As it is now, doing this is quite labour-intensive (unless I’m just missing something).

I think I remember actually doing this… Though I cant remember so I’m not even sure if I was dreaming =P I’ve thought about this a lot actually though… I use it in other DAWs.

Yeah, something I want to do but don’t think is possible is merge songs together (1 after the other to put together a set)

it would be cool if you could copy and paste two copies for renoise, one running in window 1 the other running in window 2

There’re tools for these things which you can find in the “Tools” section.