Copy-paste does not always work while switching app focus on macos

On macos, if you switch Renoise app and another app, e.g. a text editor forth and back, and copy-paste devices, very often, maybe each 3rd attempt, the copied contents from Renoise are not updated and it still contains the copy buffer of the previous forth-and-back-switching. So sometimes, even if you selected the device and selected “copy” thru the context menu, it still does not copy the contents.

This happens in combination with the app focus switching. It also happens, if you open two Renoises side-by-side, or Renoise and a text editor. I still couldn’t figure out some always repeatable steps-to-reproduce here, so please simply do:

  1. Load a complex song with lot of VSTs (macos)
  2. Open a text editor, i.e. VSCode
  3. Copy a device in Renoise, paste it to VSCode
  4. Repeat step 3 multiple times, also copy different devices all the time

I know I already posted this problem multiple times, eons ago. Still I would like to re-remind you here… Was it not fixed, because

A) You couldn’t reproduce
B) Priority is too low
C) You forgot about it

? :sweat_smile:

i can suggest something like pastebot… not only renoise/daw-related but for me it’s something i couldn’t do without :slight_smile:

Nice, will have a look into it. Still this topic is about a bug in Renoise, which happens not all the time, but quite often, and can annoy over time a lot, especially if you copy the same device type, only with different parameters, it is hard to tell, if you copied the correct device then. So an annoying workaround is to copy the device 2 times all the time… Just to make sure you get what I mean above…

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I agree with you completely, but if i look how often these things get solved, i think it’s more practical if you get used to tools that can help you achieve what you want - meanwhile… :slight_smile:
i do not mean to de-evaluate your bug report. This is something i use daily for work, and i saw that you might benefit from it while using Renoise.
also pastebot (not free) is only for mac if i remember, but clipit is for win/linux as well (free)

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I think it will always work if you wait long enough before switching app focus, right? The problem (well, a part of the problem) is that you don’t know how long you will have to wait.

I would think that it is the waiting time that matters, not the times you execute the copy operation.

Hm, interesting find, will test that… Yeah but waiting isn’t too nice either hehe