Copy/paste Note+automation

when i select and copy/paste notes is there a way to copy/paste also automations applied to thoses notes?

It s in the case when i m using vsti synth with automation device where 10 parametters are automationned, it s boring to open each automation and copy/paste it.

oha, i thought this would be able via the advanced edit, just select everything in the “content mask” (including, of course, automation) and then use the advanced edit “copy’n’paste”.

but i just tried it (in linux) and failed. didn’t work like i expected, in fact, it didn’t work at all. i once used the content mask in the advanced edit to not copy panning and/or volume columns, but that worked flawlessly. hm, >_>

dunno, does someone here know how this would work?

from teh wiki:

hm, looks actually as if it should work the way i assumed earlier ._."

yes i ve ever tried that but i should miss something because it doesn t work…

is there a shortcut like "maj+ctrl+c"style to copy my selection + automation? like a deep copy?

The content mask copy/paste actions for the automation work out if you use the lshift/lctrl+ F4 / F5 combinations (copy track / copy pattern). This does not work for selections.
This was not really obvious in the documentation, i’ve adjusted this…

Also you can copy using this method:

yes that s what i am using now…

Maybe we can ask that in ideas and suggestions…

when you copy a selection of notes in the track, you can also copy the part of all automations related to thoses notes. Really improving workflow

In one way yes, but if you would copy them to another track than the original one, to which DSP plugins should they be applied and if it would be blatantly applied to a different DSP would that plug freak out and Crash Renoise? What if there was no plug at that position? Would Renoise crash on that?

This was intentionally being left out because of the high crash-danger that it causes.
It also means that Renoise has to be programmed to behave more comprehensively and figure out if the effect in track 01 for instance is being used in track 02 and at what position (if the clipboard contents would be copied to track 02).
Even if you are sure all DSP devices are in the exact position and amount in both source and target track, we can’t rule out someone would accidentally paste the clipboard in a track that does not contain that list (and wasn’t supposed to be a target track to receive the automation envelopes).

All this already has to be taken care of when copy/pasting tracks (Shit F4/F5), so thats not the reason.

It was left out because you do not /always/ expect the automation to be carried over to the new position when dealing with selections.
Guess we need two commands for this, one which only copies pattern content, the other which copies pattern content + automation. Always copying the automation is as confusion as always not copying the automation.

does the “content box” in advanced edit refer to all copy’n’paste operations?

well, why not just make the “defaul” configuration for the content mask leave out (ie “uncheck”) the automation?

(am i missing something?)

Copy/paste selections currently ignores the “automation” content mask option.

As you normally want to copy automation when copy/pasting tracks/patterns, but dont when copy/pasting selections, we can IMHO not use this option for selections. Thats why I said that we need two operations for this…

but that would mean having to switch it on and off all the time…

In one way if you paste all exceptions of the advanced edit in a row, the behavior is contrary which makes the advanced edit less intuitive and more confusing.

i start to understand why it s not as easy as i thought to make this.

In cubase sx for example, when you select a part in a midi track and the automations tracks then you paste it it works isn t it?
I ve really no idea about programming for renoise, what is possible or not… maybe if automations were treated as tracks… That 's out of my imagination :P

The routine seems different, so actually what should be done is that the selection made in the pattern area should be linked to the automation so this means the same area in the automation window should be selected as well.
When copying, Renoise should by sort of batch-copy all existing envelopes to the clipboard and then paste it to the same plugins in the same/other track.

So this would require some extensive programming to allow scripting.
Would at least be a good start for a scripting engine anyway, also fulfills wishes of many others.

Bump. Has this been addressed? With lots of automation it becomes a nightmare to move notes around.

If not, just remove the incompatible automation data when copying and there will be no crash problems. But keep those parameters in memory the same way notes in extra columns are kept when those columns are hidden so when someone does a mistake and realizes it later, the extra automation data can be brought back.