Copy & Paste Of Automation

Hi. I’m trying to create a fade on a selected number of tracks. To do this I’m using automation to lower the volume. I can cut and paste the automation envelope to different tracks no problem. Is there a way in which I can paste an automation envelope to a number of tracks in one go?

Am I perhaps going about this the wrong way - should I be creating a kind of ‘group’ channel, feeding all the selected tracks into that one group channel and then having one automation envelope on the group track??


That would be one way to do it, if you didn’t mind all the audios being mixed together at that point (although if it’s just before going to master should matter, but if you are fading down before effects like reverb or delay it may not work how you like.)

Another option would be to use a Hydra device in one track and that set its to control the volume of the tracks you want, then you can control multiple faders with one automation curve.

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I’ll check out Hydra… I did something similar with my guitar tracks on Cubase. On Cubase I had to create 2 Group Channel tracks - the second Group Channel was required so I could fade out the group from 100% to 0% of volume, but without affecting the overall volume I’d set for the 1st Group. I guess what I want to do on Renoise is maintain the individual track volumes which I’ve set. So in my case I have 4 tracks that I want to fade completely out - 3 are drums and 1 is bass. I’ve set the individual track volumes for the drums and bass… If I use Hydra, when Hydra is at 100% volume, does this mean that each individual track would be at the individual volume that I’d previously set, or would each track get pushed up to max, losing the relative volumes that I’ve set between the drums and bass?

Forgive me - I’d try it out if I could get another 5 mins to get to my PC at home. :-/