Copy/Paste & Reset Value

Hello Renoise Community!

I do not know if this weird desire has been expressed sofar nor do i know any shortcuts but for each button & fader, I would like to have the options copy/paste & reset value. The functions could be achieved via a window, which would appear by a mouseover & or right mouse button click. Just btw. with reset i could get the default value back.

So far so pleased

Are there specific areas where you would like this or in general?
E.g. the DSP effects have an “init” preset where you can reset the DSP effect to its default values.
For the pattern you have the F3 (cut), F4(copy) and F5(paste) keys in combinations with these modifiers:
shift: complete current selected track
control+shift: current selected note-column
control/command: complete current selected pattern
Alt: only the selected area

The original ctrl/cmd + c(opy) & v(paste) also do for every area. Special is the ctrl/cmd+p (continues paste), this one works on the pattern area and the automation window.
You can try and fiddle with those shortcuts.

For more info on most shortcuts you can find this here:

Hello vV!

In general, for all areas i would appreciate to have this implemented. I’m more of a mouse-oriented user you know. * tee hee * Of course it would be awesome if the desired feature could work as well with almost every VSTi Plugin. But who knows if this is technically possible. However, I’d be happy if this could be accomplished at least with Renoise GUI.

Thanks for your quick response!