Copy the content of the FX column to track automation?

While recording MIDI to the FX columns in the pattern editor is pretty straightforward, editing it afterwards can be a bit cumbersome I feel. I would really like the option to just apply the recorded commands to their respective track automation lanes which would allow for some additional options afterwards like smoothing out curves etc.

Is there a built-in option to do this? Or maybe an external tool I just can’t find? I noticed enables you to actually record to the automation lane but that doesn’t really solve the original issue of moving commands that are already present.

You can smooth any kind of pattern fx with three curves, see context menu (and shortcuts).
I set those 3 smoothings to alt-1 alt-2 alt-3 or so.


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Renoise does not have this option, and I think he will never have anything similar integrated.

I think it is possible to create a tool, but frankly, it would be quite complex (or rather very laborious), because it involves converting each parameter independently. There are many. I don’t think anyone wastes time on this, knowing that it is possible to record directly on automation curves.

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FYI: I usually use the tool GUI automation recorder, to directly record from VST GUI controls into automation. Also overwriting seems to work pretty ok, and it auto-manages the automation devices of the vstis.

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Thanks, I will check that one out. For now the single slider tool seemed to work fine for my particular issue but capturing automation from the VST controls themselves sounds pretty useful, too!