"copy To Selected"

Just realized i find myself doing this routine ridiculously much:

select everything in a track

For a sections of 4 bars or so this is multiplied by 4 if i want to propagate changes to all the tracks.

Now i realize i don’t know all the ins and outs of advanced edit, but i kept thinking it’d be nice to be able to select a bunch of patterns in the sequencer, right click a selection and choose “copy to selected”, to have that precise section of the pattern propagated to that section of all the selected patterns.

Just an idea to speed up workflow.

I usually copy the whole pattern and delete the tracks I don’t need in that new pattern, this is way faster mostly.

And you know you can clone patterns, right ? (copy current pattern to a new, empty pattern).

Of course i know about cloning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: god bless that! You never go back and change things ever?

I’m not talking about making new patterns with similar content, i’m talking about putting changes in a whole bunch of patterns. For instance a hihat sequence you want to do over that runs throughout half your track or such.

oh I see. Yeah, that’s something I know too well. Was working on a track all morning and at some point I had to put the shakerloop two 8ths later in all patterns … But I don’t really see how this could be done any easier, I just did light up another cigarette and got over with it … took me about 2 minutes. :)

But if you have any good idea, go ahead.

The only kinda related thing I can advise is to change your editsteps in the preferences, I changed mine to (key - editstep)

5 - 6
6 - 8
7 - 12
8 - 16
9 - 32

this helps alot if you have to navigate quickly trough a pattern.

However, my approach is also that I usually have one or a few “master-patterns” with everything in it (sounds horrible often when you turn on all tracks because not everything fits together), then I develop a rough arrangement from those patterns and then I start changing those little breaks/rolls/automation etc. etc. But usually when I do music I really sit along time infront of one huge pattern so changing something is not really a pain because I only have to do it once.