Copy Track In Song

Looks like this should be possible from the advanced edit, but it comes up with an error saying it’s not supported, so maybe this should really go in suggestions…

How I would hope it worked was it would copy that track throught the song, with the anchor point being where your curor when you copied, so that you could easily refer back to that point. Beyond this it would be good if it only copied (or cut etc) the track from the patterns selected, if any, from your pattern sequence on the left (defaulting to all if none selected)

Difficulty could be trying to paste two different tracks over patterns which are the same later. A dialogue asking you if you would like to abort or create unique patters would sovle this wouldn’t it?

So is it possible to do anything like this? Something I had thought was possible with the advenced edit, but can’t get to work…

Another thing I thought I had done and can’t work out how to do it loop a selection of a pattern.

With the numeric pad’s enter key you can loop 1/4 of a patter around the cursor. Setting pattern follow off you can set it to your edit point, rather than play position. But is there a way to choose it’s length and position, rather than always having it quater patteron, on the quarter devisions? The ability to set any position for either start or end with a key press and mouse click or key combi or cursor position would be very useful. You could then shorted the size of the loops as playing before letting it play again :D

Think I must of imaged doing something similar, and must of just hit the enter key as I didn’t realise what I was doing…

Well I guess with the ;ack of replies none of that is possible. It’s a shame, it’s the kind of things I thought I hadn’t quite started using yet with my composing…

If you want to cut complete song tracks and paste them somewhere else in a pattern it’s just as simples as dragging the whole track to that position instead.

As for copy and paste:no unfortunately this is not supported, but i believe this is related to the way how the clipboards are handled.
Functions that are supported (like shrinking and expanding etc.) work across all tracks in the song.
Besides, copy and paste a complete track in song can be pretty dangerous since you wouldn’t know what you specifically overwrite in all cases.

Cutting does work, unfortunately there is no warning sign that you would be cutting a whole song-line, but you can always undo this action as well.

I don’t understand what you try to say here:“Paste 2 different tracks over patterns which are the same later”.
Could you define this differently or explain more deeply?

I know you can move tracks within the same pattern, I’m talking about moving a track from within more than one pattern (or the whole song) and then pasting the contents earlier or later.

The way I could see it happening is if you highlight whick patterns in the patter nsequence on the left are going to be copied. Then make the right selections and copy from Advanced edit. Then you move your pattern position and cursor to where you want the paste to start.

The problem I could see I menioned above goes like this. If you have a pattern sequence, which is all unique, then all fine. As below:

1 - [1]
2 - [2]
3 - [3]
4 - [4]
5 - [5]
6 - [6]
7 - [7]
8 - [8]
9 - [9]
10- [10]

But if it went something like this.

1 - [1]
2 - [2]
3 - [3]
4 - [4]
5 - [4]
6 - [5]
7 - [5]
8 - [6]
9 - [7]
10- [8]

Then you tried to copy a track from the first four patterns over the next four you have four unique track trying to copy onto two pairs of clones. If the data in each of hte original bloacks was different it would have to force the other patterns to become unique.

Shame it doesn’t sound like this sort of block copy is available, I think I would find it quite useful at times…

what you mean within the same pattern? if you move a track it moves in all pattenrs…

Yeah but you are moving it horizontally and all your actions take place within the same pattern, although it affects the whole song.

I’m talking about moving chunks vertically, throughout the pattern sequence.

There are other issues that would make such global track-song copy paste support cumbersome:
What if you use 64line patterns, 32 line patterns and maybe even 9 and 8 line sized patterns mixed throughout the whole song.

How should al this data be put in what memory part?
Technically this is a structured disaster to achieve and maintain and very hard to bugtrack if bugs appear.

Good point, I hadn’t taken that nto account. Would a pop-up wite possible options be too cumbersome?

pah I don’t know. Seemed like something that almost appeared it should be possible, but isn’t…

What about looping regions as I mentioned in my second posts :D