Copy track with gfx automation / insert fx with gfx automation

How can copy a track to another track number including the graphical automation?

And how can I copy an insert fx including it’s graphical automation to another track number?

And third: How can I can only automation (let’s say of a bunch of patterns) to another track?


No one?

If you put the cursor into the track that you want to copy over, simply hit ctrl/cmd +alt + d to duplicate the whole track.
If you only want to have partial parts of the track copied (specific patterns):
Assuming you have the same DSP chain in the other track already present, go to the pattern matrix, select all the cells you want to copy to the other track, then ctrl/cmd+drag the selection to the position in other track from where you want to have all that duplicated.

Without the track content itself: You cannot do that natively. A tool could make this possible.

You cannot, automation always attached to the parameters of a device and if that device is not present, you won’t be able to copy the automation crossing multiple patterns.
You can store automation profiles in a preset and recall it, or you can manually copy an automation profile from one pattern into the parameter of another track its device.
Here alsoa tool makes this possible, but the results will be different if the same set of values for one parameter are used for a complete different parameter.

Vv thanks a lot.