Copying Automation in pattern sequencer

I was having great fun last night sequencing my track, as you do but one thing was getting on my nerves. When I came to copy a pattern in the sequencer which had automation in it, it only copied the note data and not the automation data even though the gui on the pattern sequence showed there was automation data in it? Is there an option I’m missing as I think the last time I made a track I never had this problem?

thats because renoise is a semi-pro music creation software…try ableton instead!
and maybe you didnt notice that this forum is almost dead…thats because renoise is dead! i asked a question here and got no answers!…it#Content_Mask

@Kolacell:no need to be provocative, noticing you started posting somewhere around the past few days, you could have brought up a little more patience until at least the weekend has started (because then more people are active).
If you have a complaint, or need faster support, you can always mail to support@[thissite].com, though if it involves specific third party plugins, not everybody on the dev or renoise team can always directly help you out.

I agree the forum receives an energy kick on the weekends, and I imagine people are involved with a few other commitments; be they music, coding, school or family related; that does not mean, “the usual suspects,” are completely ignoring Renoise. However, as far as Ableton, and perhaps a few on other music forums are concerned, I can see how those people have not got much else to do…

Let’s go back to the original topic of this thread!

Do you really mean from the Sequence it always takes the Automation with it! No matter if I highlight the pattern, copy it, go to the new position and paste it in there; or if I use the Clone feature. Both carries across the automation as you would expect and sound like you want!

Now if in fact you are talking about the Matrix then it does depend on how you repeat the cells. If you highlight, copy and then paste then the automation will also be copied and pasted. If you highlight and then Ctrl+Drag then the automation will be copied. It’s only if you use the repeat cell function (hover the mouse over the lower half of the cell and it becomes a kinda arrow symbol, you can then pull down to repeat the cells as often as you want) does the automation not get copied as standard. But even then all you need to do is hold Ctrl while dragging and yet again all your automation will also be copied.

So what exactly is the issue???

Yes the Matrix, that’s what I was doing, there was automation for the Renoise filter for both highpass and lowpass when I ctrl-dragged the automation didn’t get copied, one time just the hi-pass was copied but when I played the track back no automation was there, what’s even more strange was the symbol on the colored block showed it had automation?

@kolacell, I don’t believe or agree with what your saying.

You’re not copying across tracks are you? I was going to say it never copies across tracks but my testing shows that isn’t correct. Ctrl+Drag will copy automation along with the data, even to a different track if you have the same DSP in the chain (doesn’t have to be the entire DSP Chain or in the same order from my very quick testing.) I thought automation would only be kept when copied in the same track before…

But what you say you are doing should work and it should not be affected by the Content Mask. Surely you must have done something different…

All in the same track, I tried it several times, I don’t usually get this problem and that’s why I asked if there’s a setting.

Might perhaps be a problem in the song, it depends on what you are doing. If you also simply do ctrl+drag and drop like Kazakore, this should work.
The only setting that has influence on automation copy/paste is the checkbox in the advanced edit content mask, but apparently is not influencing the pattern matrix.
the blocks that you copy are unique blocks right? (not alias blocks). Even with Aliasses, this is working though.
The only thing i could consider is you may perhaps have the wrong parameter selected that you don’t see the copied one. (if you have a device double in the chain and have selected the incorrect instance of the device / plugin)

Just tried again and this is the problem, only 2 instances of the renoise filter in the chain, both have different cutoff automation, the first one has cutoff for highpass, the second for lowpass. So when I copy, the automation in the copy is like so:

filter-highpass /__
filter-lowpass __/\

filter-highpass __/\
filter-lowpass nothing

Just renamed one of the filters and all was copied correctly.

Makes sense (as in I can see how such a bug could have slipped through the testing net) and now you had a definite handle on when and why it is happening hopefully we shall see a fix soon. :)

So it seems an identity bug… one more reason to give each device its own unique identifier.

I assume this has been done to enable copying between patterns, and probably more importantly between songs (so if you want to merge songs or takes parts of it you don’t lose all automation even though you have the same chain.) Doing so would likely break such functionality.

Possible solutions:
*Check target track Device Chain is the same throughout, all the same DSPs in the same order. Only paste automation if it is. Might suffice in most cases. EG copying between songs.

  • Have an If Target Track == Source Track Then Use DSP/Parameter Positional value (rather than try and work out which device to paste the automation onto by name.) Might work for the dragging arrow but harder if you are doing a real C&P.
  • Add some more robust checks that might still work with minor changes between device chains (eg you might have started using a LPF/HPF/EQ10 at the start of every track but don’t have this in the project you are copying from.) Not sure exactly what I would suggest with that…

I would do something like the OS does on existing filenames when you are copy/pasting in the same folder:
Use a renaming schedule by adding a sequence number.

Also disallow using identical device names on the same track.

The unique identifiers (devices, instruments, samples, patterns and tracks) are helpful in the Lua API though, because that would allow you to keep track of what is where even if someone would rename an object while your script is monitoring it.
Notifiers could also be attached to those identifiers and gracefully unattach it if an entity (device/ track/ instrument/ sample/ pattern) is removed by the user. (This would make scripts less error-prone)