Copying Note Pattern But With Other Intrument?

i wonder how i could save a lot of time by having the ability to copy a row of notes to another track, for having the same theme in other sounds? the best would be a “editable clipboard” where it would possible to change like for example a C401 to a C402…or much more!
if it does not exist, i think it would be a great new feature! ;)

Hi den&bass,

this can be achieved through the advanced edit panel:…i/Advanced_Edit

but I have also written a tool to make converting ranges of instrument numbers faster here:


wonderful! thanks!!! :yeah:

for complete awesomeness, i need a 2nd hint : now that i can copy notes without intrument info, how can i give them some? im only halfway! thanks in advance!

Have you tried goofing around with this tool?

interresting indeed. but i dont have much use of this, because it would assume i already know what i’m gonna do next ;)
btw i found an interresting walktrough : if you copy a bunch of notes without instrument info, you just need to type the number of the instrument/sample you want for the 1st of the row, then it goes on for the following notes… i suppose its the way to go!

wonderful feature tho. once again, renoise proves its superiority against any product on the market. im very proud to use it :yeah:

If you use the tool I linked to before you can do this without touching advanced edit:

1- Copy the notes from one track to the next
2- Right-click the new instrument that you want to convert the copied notes to in the instrument box.
3 -Choose the range that you want to convert (most likely Track In Pattern)

All the copied notes will be updated to the new instrument number

Sometimes when I’m layering bass sounds or something else I duplicate the whole track. Then I open the Advanced Editor and select “Track in Song” and go to the Instruments section. After that I insert both the old instrument number and the desired instrument number and click “Swap”. Done!

You can also use the range “Track” in the Convert Instrument Number tool for a faster way of doing this. Shortcuts are also available to bypass right-clicking the instrument box and speed it up more.

I may give up plugging this tool in this thread now :)

Thanks! It’s a lot faster indeed.

hey man Ledger thanks for this thing. It’s the first tool I download every time I do a new renoise install on new system. Unmissable keyboard shortcuts. got it on shift+numpadEnter and alt+numpadEnter for selections. (one suggestion: add note-column shortcut)

Could be an idea, though renoise has got a “mark whole column” native shortcut you could use in conjunction with convert selection option, if that helps currently?

Not sure I want to bloat this tool out too much more though.

Nice, did not know that. It’s cool now. :D