Copying & Pasting To A New Pattern

So you know how a lot of times you will need to copy an entire pattern and paste it to another pattern… back in the day this didn’t used to be a problem but now with automations… is there any way to get the automations (i.e. my volume envelopes, etc) to paste also with all the pattern data? instead of having to go back and copy & paste the envelopes too?

thanx for the help

Dont you mean ‘copy a track’? Cuz copying a pattern easy to do in the pattern sequencer. Select the pattern you want to copy and then click the right button to make the options popup screen appear: clone selection

If you mean ‘copy a track’ then you should clickedy on the ‘advanced edit’ button. Check the things you want to copy in the section&content mask and the copy and paste button do the rest.

oh! that’s it! i didn’t know about that button. thanks!

or just use the keyboard; as ctrl= pattern, shift= track and alt= selection

ctrl/alt/shift+ f4 copy

  • f5 paste
  • f3 delete

well, atleast its on my keyboard, u might have a different keyboard setting so just check your config after failing to use these ones. :P