Corikhon EP Is Out Now

We are happy to announce: The first stand-alone Corikhon EP by Nichts Und Fragen Is Out Now!

You can now order the audio cd or digital download version of the sound that we are sending out into the universe on Bandcamp

This limited edition of only 100 copies shows some of our musical works, all built with the same

building blocks of a rather unique sound setup; including Renoise.

Best Regards,


Just looking for some technical support and now I’m really blown away by your excellent music.

Each song is like a small soundtrack to a story. Dark epic futuristic atmospheres and the rhythmic work is very impressive.

Great stuff and quite inspiring to!

@ -zoi-

Thank you! What a lovely compliment. Tell us about the story you haerd.

I have found that some music is able to focus you. This is such music.

Very dark and atmospheric, great sense of balance.
There is rarely a feeling of “too much”, if perhaps a few cases of “too little”.

But altogether a really, really nice quartet of songs that you can come back to.


That’s nice to hear and a good feedback as well.

After I have read your message, I know what you are talking about “too much” & “too little”.

So, thank you very much, for allyour words.

We will be back soon…

Besides the correct timing to say that you are a really great script author!

Music sounds as if the sound of remote processor which is hidden from the eyes of the usually hidden operations. As if wave impulse of data transfer. The sound plunges in the space of special rhythm and pattern.fix the space drivetakes you through the space if morphing structures and quantum neural impulses.leave the starlightsounds likea low-frequency oscillator: like a human heart merging with the machine. The next melody sounds very optimistic and gives a sort of hope. Beautiful mix of mechanically bubbling beat and strings which seem to flow from the sky. At the last minutes, pipe organ sounds very atmospheric.great the sun eater:energetic circuits vibrate in the space; in the middle of it there is something crawling that makes them disperse. Interesting work with a beautiful cover, which plunges a listener to the space of hidden processes. There is a feeling that among the 4 tracks there is the 5thhidden one which takes you out of this immersion.