Corporate movie from my company

Hello !

Gameloft <= click here :)

This is a very fast done corporate movie for my company, I had to make music for it at the same time the video guys were shooting and pixeling the stuff :). I’m kind of happy with the result anyway :) Of cours, the music is 100% Renoise made. It’s kind of my first tune in a long time ! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Cheers. :yeah:

It seems like you are working on a very fun place :) Games for cellphones, B)

Nice tune. Good work there mate! ;)

Nice! I like the music!
Where is your company based? I´m intrested in working for your company as a graphic artist.

Have done the quite famous minigolf game for Sony Ericsson T310, and the best selling Xfinity/Syndroid game for the mophun platform :)

Do you know any person I could contact/send some samples of my work to?

Hmm, you could allways send me a personal message…

Thank you for the comments and interest !

The company is based in Paris (main), Montreal, and also in Roumania and China. It’s an Ubi Soft’s subsidiary actually.

Any samples of graphic works should be sent to the art director, Arthur Hugo =>

Other than that, I’d like to talk about mastering here. The tune is pre-equalized directly in Renoise, the result your hear is the direct "renderé output. So the tune hasn’t been mastered or eq’ed by any “professional” or tasty sound engineer (altough it might be done in the future by the Ubi studio)… Would anyone advise me on this tune for a “stronger” sound ?

I can provide the .rns file if anyone’s interested in “teaching me” or providing a different mix…